Treatment by Physiotherapy Equipment

"Physical Therapy" means an act to a human being relating to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of bodily defects caused by conditions of disease or abnormal movement, health promotion, prevention, correction and rehabilitation of deterioration and physical and mental disabilities through physical therapy methods or the use of tools or equipment announced by the Minister as tools or physiotherapy equipment (from the Healing Arts Act 1999)

Ultrasound Therapy

A device that produces a high frequency of 0.8-1.0 MHz to the crystal and results in vibrations which must pass through a medium such as water or gel and then transform into heat in the body's tissues, that can pass heat to the bone layer.

The results of treatment with Ultrasound

• Treatment of tissue injuries, deep joints and pain reduction
• Increase flexibility of connective tissue
• Reduce the symptoms of tissue contraction and fascia
• Reduces swelling from the inflammation in the initial stages

LASER Therapy

Properties of laser in physiotherapy
• Treatment for bed sores
• Pain reduction
• Increase the flexibility of the muscles and tendons.
• Reduce swelling of various joints
• Reduces tissue inflammation


Properties of electrical stimulation therapy
• Increase muscle strength.
• Pain and swelling reduction
• Reduce muscle spasms due to the nervous system
• Stimulate the muscle function

Heat and cold therapy 

Traction Therapy

Misplaced bones

Example of lumbar traction therapy

Chest Therapy

Lung Massager
Used for siphoning the phlegm in the throat and lungs together with the suction for bedridden patients.

Movement Repairment

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