Definition of physical therapy and occupational therapy.

    "Physical Therapy" means an act to a human being relating to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of bodily defects caused by conditions of disease or abnormal movement, health promotion, prevention, correction and rehabilitation of deterioration and physical and mental disabilities through physical therapy methods or the use of tools or equipment announced by the Minister as tools or physiotherapy equipment (from the Healing Arts Act 1999)

    "Occupational Therapy" means an action involving the ability of a person with physical, mental and learning and developmental defects in children by the process of assessment, promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to be able to perform various activities. By utilizing appropriate activities, methods, and devices as therapy methods in order to let people live the best of their lives. (From the Royal Decree Prescribed the occupational therapy branch as a branch of healing arts practices according to the Healing Arts Practices Act 1999)

    "Occupational Therapy" เ"Occupational therapy" focuses on increasing the ability to perform activities and emphasizing the promotion of patients more than fixing the disability or pathology to perform activities that are meaningful to increase the potential and self-worth of patients, while "physical therapy" emphasizes on helping a set of the specific movement activities that patients want to use in their lives.

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