Bangkok Rehabilitation Center (BRC)

   Most strokes are often called paralysis. People who have this disease must be urgently rehabilitated during the first 3-6 months, known as the "Gold Period", after being restored from the harmful state. The patient will have a chance to return to normal life at a higher level if properly rehabilitated during the said period as the pattern specified by the specialists to match the patient individually.BRC is founded from the concept of rehabilitation for stroke patients, providing you with proper and standard care. We are the first full rehabilitation service center in Thailand. Led by a team of leading medical personnel from all sciences, from rehabilitation to body and mind, in an atmosphere that provides a comfortable feeling to bring a smile and happiness to every day of the rehabilitation period for your precious beloved.

Supervised by experienced physiotherapists and the team along with a full range of physical therapy tools and equipment.
Managed by a team of skillful therapists and assistants equipped with modern tools and well planned activities in mind.
Closely caring services by a professional nursing team and assistants with expertise and experience in nursing care specifically trained for the elderly care and patients recovering.
A special place designed with regard to the care of the elderly and patients recovering with luxurious, modern, and comfortable rooms.
Recreation activities enhancing physical abilities
• Ambulance service
• Traditional Thai massage
• Nutrition Care
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